Tokaji Aszu

Tokaji Aszu

I got this sweet dessert wine as a free sample at Trófea Grill Étterem in Budapest. Strangely enough, the smell did not make me feel sick. Even stranger, it only tasted a little rotten. The sweetness nearly covered up all the horrors your average wine is composed of.

If all wines tasted like this, I could at least understand why some people would drink it.


Rune Kristian’s home-made blueberry wine

Rune Kristian's blueberry wine


People who claim to know about these things insist my friend Rune Kristian makes good wine. I call bullshit. Lies, statistics, and bullshit.

My reaction to this wine goes approximately as follows:

Oh dear god I have accidentally ingested something that’s gone horribly bad and I need to get it outside of me this very instant or it will make me incredibly sick and I will probably die

… at which point I spit the mouthful of the foul stuff into the sink as this was the only way to stop me from vomiting there and then.

This sets the benchmark of utter horrificness for future drink tasting.